Sunrise Tours is a family owned and operated company that was started in 1993. The company has grown steadily over the years, and now consists of 20 fantastic employees and offices in St. Louis, Indianapolis and Kansas City. We pride ourselves on delivering extremely high quality tour experiences at a fair price, and we consider repeat Sunrise Tours customers our most important marketing “tool”.


How do I book a tour?

1)  Complete the online reservation form
2)  Call (314) 394-3081 for St. Louis departures, (317) 254-8945 for Indianapolis departures, and (913) 681-2202 for Kansas City departures.
3)  Fill out the form in the back of the brochure and mail to the appropriate office

What deposit is required?

For motorcoach and fly tours of 5 days or more, a $100 per person deposit is required.  For tours of 4 days or shorter, a $50 per person deposit is required.  Deposits for cruises vary so please contact us for these amounts.  We do not take deposits for one day trips as full payment is due with the reservation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For the deposit, we ask for a check or cash.  When making final payment for a tour, we accept check, cash, Discover, VISA or MasterCard.  Whenever we receive a payment we mail a confirmation.

Can I join a tour from someplace other than St. Louis, Indianapolis, or Kansas City?

Absolutely!  We’ve had travelers from 43 different states join us on tour.  You can fly from wherever you are to meet a Sunrise Tour.  We will deduct the price of the airfare built into the tour, and then you are free to book your own air.

How many pieces and what size luggage can I bring? How much will fit in overhead bins?
Most people find 1 large bag and 1 carryon to be plenty for a multi-day tour (the large bag we deliver and pick up from your hotel room, the carryon you are responsible for transporting). The overhead bins are quite small, however your carryon can be stored underneath the coach as well. On tours that include a flight, most airlines charge about $25 per checked bag, for which you are responsible for paying.

Who should I call on the morning of departure if there is a problem?
If you have an urgent issue on the morning of your tour departure, start by calling your tour manager, whose cell phone number is listed on the “pickup letter” of your tour documentation. If during regular business hours, call the main office at (314) 394-3081 (St Louis), (913) 681-2202 (Kansas City), (317) 254-8945 (Indianapolis). If you are unable to reach your tour manager or the office, call one of the owners of Sunrise Tours; Brent Dalrymple (314) 494-6314, or Kristen Dalrymple (314) 323-7303.

Are tips for the tour manager and bus driver included?
Gratuities for restaurant and hotel staff are included in the price of your tour. Gratuities for your Sunrise Tour manager and bus driver are left to your discretion, and should be in accordance with services received. Typical gratuities for tour manager and driver are $5-$7 per person, per day.

Are tips for a step-on guide expected and/or appropriate?
We often hire step-on guides to enhance your tour. Their fee and a gratuity is included in your tour fare. That being said, if you feel a step on guide enhanced your tour experience, you are welcome to personally offer a gratuity as well. We are sure it is appreciated! [Park rangers are usually prohibited from accepting gratuities. Museum docents will most likely not accept a personal gratuity, but may be persuaded to accept a donation for the institution in lieu of a tip.]

How do you determine the pickup times and locations for tour departures?
We have 6 regular pickup points in the St. Louis Area: St. Charles, Hazelwood, Kirkwood, South County, West County, and Illinois. For each tour we look at the routing of the tour, and the demand (number or requests) for each pickup point, and we work very hard to make the departure (and subsequent return) route as efficient as possible. We very much respect the value of our customers’ time! Each time we stop adds time to a departure/drop-off and in some rare cases where demand is very low, we may not offer a pickup at one of our regular 6 stops, in which case a traveler is welcome to join the tour at an alternate site.

Do you offer trip insurance? How do I get it and by when do I need to purchase it?
Please refer to the “note about trip insurance” insert and NTA BerkleyCare pamphlet you received with your confirmation.

Is my tour manager an expert on all the places we will visit on tour?
Your tour manager is a professional with many years of experience leading group tours. The average tenure of a Sunrise Tour manager is 8 years. While they have some knowledge of all aspects of your tour, we (Sunrise management) don’t expect them to be “content experts” on every locale visited. In addition, on many tours we hire local step-on guides to further enhance your tour.

What is your cancellation policy?
Your deposit is fully refundable up to the final payment due date (45 days before departure for “all-motorcoach” tours, and 60 days before departure for tours involving a flight/train). On any cancellation made after final payment is due, there is a refund schedule based on when the cancellation occurs. Please see the “Policies” page in our tour catalog for more details.

Why don’t you distribute name tags?
We do not distribute name tags on tour for a couple reasons. We did a poll of customers and found the majority were not interested in wearing a name tag. Also for privacy and safety reasons, we don’t think it necessary that every stranger you encounter while traveling knows your name. We place name cards above the seats on the coach which will help you learn your fellow traveler’s names.

Do you rotate seats on the motorcoach?
Yes, your tour manager will rotate seats on the coach each morning. We will do our best to honor specific seating requests (for example we will honor a request to sit near the front of the coach for people who get motion sickness), but in general seats will be rotated each day.

How often are your catalogs published?
We publish a new catalog each January, May/June and September of each year. Each catalog covers about 12 months of tours, so you always have the opportunity to plan well in advance!

How do you find these restaurants, hotels, attractions?
Our staff of tour planners is constantly researching all aspects of a tour, especially new hotels, restaurants etc. We often travel to scout out such new features of a tour. We are also members of NTA (National Tour Association) and ABA (American Bus Association), which are each national associations of tour operators and vendors who collaborate to provide excellent travel experiences. Our tour managers are also a valuable resource for ideas and impressions of existing and potential tour features as well. Also, we often get suggestions from our beloved travelers!

Do you provide bottled water?
No, we do not provide bottled water. On tour, you will be served refreshments including juices, soda, water, beer, wine and mixed drinks when the tour manager has the appropriate amount of time on the bus to serve the entire group. We are happy to provide these refreshments, however each guest is responsible for their own hydration.

Please refer to our Policies Page or submit an inquiry for further information.

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