Bill G.

On Sat Jun 5, 2010, we boarded out Sunrise Tour bus, which was huge and very red. It was a 50 passenger, comfortable bus. We had a great driver by the name of Nick and the tour guide was Pat Greene. She was also great. We took off and drove 545 miles the first day and stopped only for lunch and restroom stops. During the afternoon of this long, very first day of driving, we watched the movie “The Blind Side” on our little overhead TV screens. The weather was great and we stopped at Sioux City, IA, which is located across the Missouri river from Sioux City, NE. We stayed the first night at Marina Inn Hotel located right on the Missouri river in Sioux City, NE. We stopped that day for lunch at Burger King but that first night for dinner we had steaks at the Marina Inn, a beautiful hotel overlooking the river. Our rooms were super… read more

Tom G.

A trip to Idaho sounded nice and since we have never been there we signed up for this trip. We are glad we did. This tour starts in the northern mountains and ends in the semi desert of southern Idaho.

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