Sunrise Tours is a family owned and operated company that was started in 1993. The company has grown steadily over the years, and now consists of 20 fantastic employees and offices in St. Louis, Indianapolis and Kansas City. We pride ourselves on delivering extremely high quality tour experiences at a fair price, and we consider repeat Sunrise Tours customers our most important marketing “tool”.


Janel Telthorst

Janel’s love of travel began in college when she made her first “bucket list” of destinations. After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Business Administration, she became a naval officer where the opportunity to live on the east coast for four years fueled that love for seeing new places. Among her favorite experiences are visiting and hiking in America’s National Parks and Historic Sites, and visiting religious pilgrimage sites in the United States, Europe, and Israel with her husband and adult children.
As a stay-at-home mom for 16 years and then an English and Theology teacher for 16 years at the community college and high school levels, she always enjoyed her role as tour planner and manager for their family vacations. Tour manager for Sunrise Tours seemed the perfect way to utilize her love for travel, teaching, researching, and helping people. She truly enjoys working for a family-owned business that has such a loyal group of guests. Her favorite aspects of the job are finding and sharing interesting information and stories about the places visited and doing whatever she can to help guests enjoy the unique experience of their tour (and of course the wonderful destinations and food!).
Back home in Mahomet, Illinois, she spends her time with her family, substitute teaching, working on her second Master’s degree, fitness walking, volunteering, and preparing for her next Sunrise tour.

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