Debbie Robertson

Manager, Tour Development
Saint Louis


Debbie joined Sunrise Tours in Feb. 2007 after her twin children started elementary school.  After a tour is completed, it thrills her when a traveler shares how much they relished a tour or how a particular destination is unforgettable.  Prior to Sunrise Tours, Debbie worked for St. Anthony’s Medical Center in Recruitment and Human Resources Systems, several years in the travel industry with Maritz Travel Co. as well as working for her husband at Farmers Insurance.  Debbie holds a magna cum laude BSBA from the University of MO-St. Louis and currently resides in South St. Louis County. Debbie and her husband, Scott, have 4 wonderful children, a dog and a gerbil.  She treasures time with her family and likes to relax by gardening and reading.  Debbie wishes you many cherished memories with Sunrise Tours…and don’t forget to pack your camera!